Death Never Really Says Goodbye

Can you believe that death never really says goodbye, but instead hello? Death’s journey of uncovering the things not seem to the naked eye. Life is full of emotional struggles, with a touch of adversities as a side dish. But what do you do with all these emotions overflowing in your life? I thank God for allowing me to understand the true wisdom behind the message “that there’s life and death in the power of the tongue,” you get to define what God has already spoken into existence. God seasoned us with orders of preparation, we will have our season when we will live and fulfill life, and in turn, gracefully meet our hour of truth, death’s journey. We will die gracefully to our physical bodies, only to return to where we belong. And in the midst, we will get a moment to embrace the beautiful overlap of life’s joys and pains along the way, which will create character that will teach us humility. But the true gift comes when you learn to embrace life after death. So, I would like to thank all of you who read my blogs about the journey of life after death entitled, “When Heaven Knocks.” I find when I write about my journey of coping with life after death, it opens the airways as a right to passage to allow the spirit to speak from the Heavenly.
A healing for your soul!

Bettina Jordan

When Heaven

Red Butterfly Kisses

For the last two days, I have awakened from my sleep at various hours to say the least. With thoughts of you running through my head, reminding me of your epic strength as a black man of courage. The beauty of knowing you in all of your imperfect ways, and even in your physical weakness you still finished strong in my eyes’. It was and honor to see the flames from your torch burnout in your final minutes of saying goodbye, you departed this life to join your loving sister in Heaven. I can say in my experience as a chaplain I have helped other families embrace the nature of what is to come, death! And on the other hand, I’m standing there with you in that moment realizing I couldn’t phantom the idea of never being able to see your face again. And I’m sure this could be true for other people who have lost a love one.
I remember countless days we would sit and laugh, joke and share in our stories of life dramas as they unfolded before us, never knowing what tomorrow would bring, but we both embraced it with such dignity and class.
I can truly say, my emotions of you being gone is like a candle being lit in remembrance of you. But, I find comfort in knowing you are truly near me physically, reincarnated as a butterfly is refreshing.
You were in a league of your own, your style and swagger had a special touch. You always dressed for the occasion in a mind-blowing way. I don’t think anyone could out top your taste in the best dress award. You walked with confidence in the land of the living and you breathe your last breath in the final hours in a way only you could do, leaving room for your family to be amazed by your finesse for years to come, dying with dignity beyond which words could never express. That’s why your memory will live on forever in my eyes, capturing the beauty of your reincarnation as a red butterfly.

The day you left this world, I would constantly watch for signs of you. Then, you suddenly swiftly appeared as a beautiful butterfly. I remember sitting in the car watching you graciously fly high, and free, without a care in the world. Your wings danced in the wind as I sat there watching you with a glaze in my eyes and a smile on my face.
So, instead of reincarnating as a Red Cardinal, you chose a quiet but powerful re-grand entrance as a gracious butterfly, and to my reward I get to watch you peacefully glide in and around in the wind, flapping your wings to the sound of peace and freedom at last. As a beautiful butterfly I’ve watched you glide through the air. I’ve watched your wings dance. The red color of your wings shined bright as a midnight star. I was blinded by the reflection of your beauty, chasing after the wind, dancing to the music of the mother earth, free from pain and sorrow at last.
And in remembrance of the life cycle of the butterfly in my reflection, they are peaceful, changing cycles quickly from life to death in a blink of an eye. Wishing you butterfly kisses until we me again.






My Body Was Tired, So I Had To Leave

I’m amazed when I think about the friendship we shared together. It felt like Bonnie and Clyde without the crime, a ride or die relationship. And even though God spoke to me and told me that 2016 would be your last year here on earth, and gave me much time to prepare for your departure from this life. I still was not prepared. I watched your pain and suffering as if it was my very own on many of occasions. There was nothing we didn’t share verbally one to another, my friend. But I truly understand that your body got tired. And I couldn’t no longer keep you here for my benefit, making you stay with so much pain in your body.

So, you decided to consult with God, and into his hands you committed your Spirit. So, my peace of missing you has it’s moments in time. I watch you truly suffer much affliction and distress in your physical body as the doctor cut off one leg on the other side, and one foot on the other, and now your are at rest.

And even though it’s been two years and two months, it seems like only yesterday you departed this earth. My peace I brought to you and my peace I left with you. 

Much love my BFF L. Parker. I smile because I envision you walking around Heaven in your white robe, protecting me from above.

Blue Jay Sits In Stillness

You may say, “I have not called on Blue Jay”. However, you may have asked God or Great Spirit to show you what is next in your life, what is holding you back, or what your next step is. Blue Jay wears the colour blue and the little blue crest (cap) as part of his messenger duties from Great Spirit. Blue Jays do not have naturally blue feathers. Rather, their blue colouring is from light refraction on their feathers. When Blue Jay feathers are removed from the bird, they turn darkish as the light refraction no longer works.


My blue jay came to me to give me a positive message of hope and inspiration to keep moving forward in the face of adversities. My friend Spirit come to visit me from time to time. I love knowing they always show up right on time. My sweet blue Jay!


Breathing Your Last Breath

I remember the last day all so well. I turned the steering wheel to the right as I entered into the parking lot of the hospital where your body laid. I proceeded to enter onto what I would call “Holy grounds.” I walked with grace into the Emergency Room entrance, I proceeded down the hallway to the elevators of the main lobby. I remember standing in the lobby, while pressing the button to reach your room floor. But all the while standing in the elevator, my cell phone would strangely get a signal to ring, the work of thaumaturge. My cell phone is normally unlikely to get a reception in an elevator, or it loses its signal all together, but not on this day, June 3, 2016 which feels like only yesterday to me, your Spirit drifted away while I was standing in the elevator. Your Spirit felt my spiritual presence in the elevator of the hospital as you took your final breath. My soul honored your soul as your physical body laid in the hospital bed in a state of eternal rest. In that moment, you gave me confirmation that you knew I made it back as I promised to say goodbye in irenic. Then, you breathe your last breath.

Love Serving Selflessly

All the while, I was assigned with the task by God to help others to process their own grief, pain and loss of their love ones. Only this time, it would be me standing in the very same position as many others I helped over the years to cope with the loss of their love ones in the here and now situation. I can attest, its very painful to lose a love one, someone you have loved day in and day out over the years, selflessly. However, preparing others as to how to cope with their love one’s transition to the afterlife is a spiritual work in progress. There’s never a day that goes by that you’re always in the cycle of helping others; learning to be their strength. So, they can lean on you to weep, and morn. A job that serves a great deed in my eyes, a great strength that surpasses all understanding.