Death Never Really Says Goodbye

Can you believe that death never really says goodbye, but instead hello? Death’s journey of uncovering the things not seem to the naked eye. Life is full of emotional struggles, with a touch of adversities as a side dish. But what do you do with all these emotions overflowing in your life? I thank God for allowing me to understand the true wisdom behind the message “that there’s life and death in the power of the tongue,” you get to define what God has already spoken into existence. God seasoned us with orders of preparation, we will have our season when we will live and fulfill life, and in turn, gracefully meet our hour of truth, death’s journey. We will die gracefully to our physical bodies, only to return to where we belong. And in the midst, we will get a moment to embrace the beautiful overlap of life’s joys and pains along the way, which will create character that will teach us humility. But the true gift comes when you learn to embrace life after death. So, I would like to thank all of you who read my blogs about the journey of life after death entitled, “When Heaven Knocks.” I find when I write about my journey of coping with life after death, it opens the airways as a right to passage to allow the spirit to speak from the Heavenly.
A healing for your soul!

Bettina Jordan

When Heaven

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