My Body Was Tired, So I Had To Leave

I’m amazed when I think about the friendship we shared together. It felt like Bonnie and Clyde without the crime, a ride or die relationship. And even though God spoke to me and told me that 2016 would be your last year here on earth, and gave me much time to prepare for your departure from this life. I still was not prepared. I watched your pain and suffering as if it was my very own on many of occasions. There was nothing we didn’t share verbally one to another, my friend. But I truly understand that your body got tired. And I couldn’t no longer keep you here for my benefit, making you stay with so much pain in your body.

So, you decided to consult with God, and into his hands you committed your Spirit. So, my peace of missing you has it’s moments in time. I watch you truly suffer much affliction and distress in your physical body as the doctor cut off one leg on the other side, and one foot on the other, and now your are at rest.

And even though it’s been two years and two months, it seems like only yesterday you departed this earth. My peace I brought to you and my peace I left with you. 

Much love my BFF L. Parker. I smile because I envision you walking around Heaven in your white robe, protecting me from above.

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