Breathing Your Last Breath

I remember the last day all so well. I turned the steering wheel to the right as I entered into the parking lot of the hospital where your body laid. I proceeded to enter onto what I would call “Holy grounds.” I walked with grace into the Emergency Room entrance, I proceeded down the hallway to the elevators of the main lobby. I remember standing in the lobby, while pressing the button to reach your room floor. But all the while standing in the elevator, my cell phone would strangely get a signal to ring, the work of thaumaturge. My cell phone is normally unlikely to get a reception in an elevator, or it loses its signal all together, but not on this day, June 3, 2016 which feels like only yesterday to me, your Spirit drifted away while I was standing in the elevator. Your Spirit felt my spiritual presence in the elevator of the hospital as you took your final breath. My soul honored your soul as your physical body laid in the hospital bed in a state of eternal rest. In that moment, you gave me confirmation that you knew I made it back as I promised to say goodbye in irenic. Then, you breathe your last breath.

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