Awaiting the Kiss to Heaven

Somehow, I have learned to lean on my own strength now that you are in a better place, resting and smiling down on me from heaven. I remember laying my head down next to yours’ while you were in the hospital bed awaiting the days of your afterlife transition. The touch of your hand pressed up against my face was a sign to let me know you embraced my physical presence graciously. Then, you proceeded to put your arm around the back of my neck as my head laid next to yours with tears flowing down my face in a state of toska. So, I had to turn my face to the wall, just so you wouldn’t see the tears of sorrow rolling down my face. I will never forget the stillness of your body, as I watched your fainting heartbeat raise up and down during the midst of your shallow chest caving in with the victory of your heart stopping. All the while I knew it was just a matter of time you would be physically leaving me for the last time to go and be with the Heavenly Father.


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